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I think we can all agree that since the commencement of the lockdown in our country about 4 weeks ago, our everyday lives as we know it changed drastically.

We continue to soldier on though as per the extension of the lockdown as announced about 2 weeks ago where our president Cyril Ramaphosa announced an additional two weeks into the initial 21 days.

What we all agree on as well is that as creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs particularly in the small business sector, this pandemic of the corona virus (covid-19) with its implications has hit hard creatively and economically.

Nonetheless, we continue to stand still and venture forth right?


So with that little venting out of the way…trendsetters and fashion followers continue to prove that there is no amount of confinements such staying at home for days on end can ever stand in their way of pulling out their best chill-out outfits. Whether they are lazying around their homes reading, cooking, catching up on their favorite tv programs, netflix-ing, playing with the kids, exercising or creating trending fashion content such as the recent #PillowCaseChallenge which received quiet a following.

Here are some looks that our local celebs and some international icons are rocking as they comply with the lockdown rules whether they are at the comfort of their homes or out and about in supermarkets getting their essentials…


Nothing like a pretty little white dress to give you that clean look while you stroll around the house right? Pair with gorgeous fluffly slip-ons and a chunky knitwear to keep warm at times.


Halle Berry


Curling up with your favorite magazine or that book you’ve since put out on reading is the ultimate thing to do for that quiet time you need so much from the buzzing that sometimes happens around the house with everybody staying in during this time.


Taking care of your skin is an everyday thing. Your skin routine should not take a backseat due to the current conditions. If anything, this is a great period to take good care of your skin letting your skin relax and breath from all the make-up it would have endured. Keep a good glow and tint your lips with a bit of color. Get your own stylish and warm hoody sweater here: FASHION BARGAINS.

Lip exfoliation is very important especially as we enter into the cold winter season where our lips tend to suffer the cold as well. Check out HOME-MADE BEAUTY REMEDIES on the quickest tips on how to keep your lips soft, plush and kissable!


If you are going to be going out to get your essentials and be on your protective gear such as wearing your musk, you might as well dress up in all sorts of cool ways right?!


What's your quarantine style? 

You are encouraged to leave your comment on the comments section or 
@shoppologistsa (Twitter)
shoppologist_sa (IG)
@ShoppologistSA (Facebook)

Until next...stay beautiful and keep safe amid covid-19!!!


Picture credits via IG & Twitter courtesy of:
Bontleelab*Zozibini Ntunzi*Ayanda Thabethe*Tshepi Vundla*Halle Berry*daphney_kp
Sara Langa McKay*Jada Pinket-Smith

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