**** Lip Exfoliation 


Get rid of those chapped lips with this very simple and hustle free method.

For real, I am that girl that struggled with chapped lips throughout all four seasons. Not only was this annoying and very unpretty but, it would get painful too as I sometimes found myself unconsciously biting my lips to get rid of the peels. I found this was weird  actually because I always imagined this should be a-during-winter or dry-season-only  kind of thing but of course not for me.


Sugar paste

I found out about this method from an Inglot little container of I don’t know which product but, it saved my lips forever.


  1. Less than a teaspoon full of sugar [I always prefer brown and I don’t know why]
  2. A few drops of water just enough to get that thick paste.


  • Gently apply the paste on your dry lips at night before bed time.
  • In the morning preferably just after brushing your teeth, wipe your lips with a gentle damp cloth and watch as all those peels be removed effortlessly and instantly leaving you lips clean, soft and very much kissable.

Bonus: Applying lipstick on exfoliated lips makes it last for longer hours without needing reapplication.






Extra – Extra: I heard that good old vaseline works wonders as well as a lip exfoliator. Apply a thick layer on your lips before going to sleep and wipe it all off in the morning. Viola!




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