zaful #ZAFUL Community# High Waist Speckled Sports Leggings
Waist Speckled Sports Leggings

How I Keep Fit…

The Beginning

  • I started working out in 2015 and just like how I predicted, I fell in love with gym.


  • My purpose was to tone my body and have fun. I had no intention of loosing weight and I still keep watch on that.

Something New

  • Toward the end of 2016 I started road running after a friend of mine patiently insisted that I join her since she was entirely not into gym at all.

My Favorite Exercises 

  • My fitness favorites are spinning, boot camp, circuit, walking either on the walker or the treadmill. I would love to add boxing to this list though.
  • Depending on where I am in terms of location, I either do road running or go straight to the gym.

Work-out Schedule

  • I always include workout time in my weekly schedule.


  • I have never had to change my diet which I find very strange and relieving as well.


zaful #ZAFUL Community# Tulip Waist Striped Sports Leggings

Tulip Waist Striped Sports Leggings

We choose what we want to wear everyday to look our best and why should sportswear be any different. Victoria Beckharm [VB+Reebok]

  • I dress up for my work-outs. Whether I am at the gym or on the road doing my runs, I always make sure I look exactly how I want to.
  • I put time and effort to what I wear including when purchasing my active wear.





zaful Pullover Cropped Tie Dye Sweatshirt


Pullover Cropped Tie Dye Sweatshirt

  • How I look determines my performance.
  • I pay attention to colors and co-ordinate them accordingly. This may sound like a lot of work and waste of time but for me, it always works and truly does not take up that much time.





Personally, I always opt for active wear that has loose-fit or wear as little as possible [Which is something I read that supermodel Rosie Turlington-Whitely also prefers]. For me tights, a gym bra and very comfortable and bright colored sneakers is all I require in order to perform at my best.

zaful Letter Patched Crossover Shorts Set





Letter Patched Crossover Shorts Set









  • I am not very big or fussy when it comes to active accessories. A simple but elegant gym bag, a cool water bottle, my phone loaded with motivating music and earphones are all I need.
  • I do not put on a watch during any of my exercises. [I would love to invest on a cool swag Fitbit though].





My most favorite part of having chosen to be fit is seeing how my body takes a different shape and become more defined. It is such an amazing thing to witness.


Love Letter 

What I believe is that there is no standard formula to how you need to work 
your body as what works for one may not work for the other. So, best advice
to take home is, DO YOU BOO!


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