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Going back to the workplace after weeks off holidays can be a dreading experience. You could either be well rested or still feeling tired and exhausted if you had not properly managed your time or planned out a day or two of doing absolutely nothing the day before you wake up to go back to the office. Ok “absolutely nothing” is relative in this case. In my opinion this is a day or two that you can spend sorting your wardrobe and putting together your first day at work outfit. Ironically it can be a relaxing exercise too.

Fortunately, whether or not you were lucky enough to have that day or two for organizing your wardrobe and getting it ready for the start of your work year, I decided to share some of these gorgeous outfit ideas to help you kick start your work week with a fresh new looking 5 day work wardrobe.

Side Note: Some of these outfits were curated for some our clients in 2022 and can definitely work for you too with a few tweaks here and there to suit your personal style (I always advocate for personal style. It sets you apart instantly).

Monday: This look is great because it is your first day or week at work and at this point it is probably meetings that you will be doing and a relaxed but professional look would work for you. Here, you are not casual nor too formal as well.

Tuesday: They really need to know it’s about to get down!

Wednesday: This would be more of a BAAM ensemble. Great color coordination which of course can be toned down with a cream high collar long sleeve shirt (pulled up the arm. At least that’s how I style all my long sleeve shirts/dresses and blazers even. I believe it creates that “I’m serious but not so serious’ type of look.)

Thursday: A dress outfit of the week. I mean..why not? Perhaps you may again tone it down depending on the weather condition as well. As we know in South Africa we are still in the hot summer season but of course with rain and overcasts here and there so…do play around with this outfit accordingly.

It’s Fri-yay: Let’s be trendy with the silk skirt. It is what’s popular at the moment and it comes in variant colors. I am sure if you do not own one yet, you have most definitely seem them around. I like the green color one the most, I must say.

All these looks can be edited as hinted above. These are outfit ideas that we curate at SHOPPOLOGIST SA for our clients and for helping you decide on what to wear, how to wear it and where to wear it as well that I have shared here on TZA.

If you enjoyed this article, my first one for the new year 2023, kindly do check out the YouTube video as well on the SHOPPOLOGIST SA YouTube channel, uploaded at 5PM SAST this evening.


My goal for 2023 is to start doing on-camera videos on YouTube in order to grow brand SHOPPOLOGIST there leading up to getting more clients, viewers and subscribers from there as well. Something to look forward too right!? 



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