View just about any job posting in any job posting platform you can think of and you are bound to see these skills listed as priority. The great thing about skills is that not all of them need to be learned at school or in some training institution. What is also good to know is that companies have since become open-minded. They are no longer strict in terms of requiring some sort of certification in proving that you actually did get proper and professional training on certain skills. Therefore, blogging has become one of those sort of “certification” portfolios where you can now be able to use your blog as proof of your certain abilities.

1.Writing Skills

With all the writing you will be doing on your blog, why would you not gain this skill among other things. Your style of writing though, will play a huge part in determining the kind of following you will have and the partnerships you may likely be able to attract. Keep this in mind as you write on.

2.Editing Skills 

Editing comes after you have written your post before you publish it and this includes proofreading as well. At this point you are now cutting and tucking while you carve a well written and coherent piece of work that will not only be readable but also enjoyable. The choices you will make of the visual presentation of your blog including the images you will use all contribute to what will require you to do some editing on. Having some good editing skills help you to make sure that you present a blog that is visually pleasing and welcoming.

Advice: Less is more but you can go crazy with a mixture of bold colors depending on the type of blog.

3.Visual Skills

Some blogs do not require that you use imagery but however you want to present and represent your blog or message, there is some degree of visuals that you might have to use. What I always found helpful for me is to find and use images or photos that directly match the message or the the topic I am writing about. Consistency between what is written and the images that go with it creates a clean, seamless read and your blog becomes an enjoyable place to visit.

4.Creative Skills 

Everything that will appear on your blog will constitute creativity. From the top left corner of your blog down to the right-hand corner, everything including how your blog looks becomes an indication of your creativity. Whether you create your blog yourself or pay someone else to do it for you, you do gain some creative skills because either way as an overseer, how your blog turns out will always reflect on you.

5.Analytical Skills

An eye for detail. Perhaps unlike some of us you are not so fussy and so particular with what goes where and for how long it will stay there for but, if you take your work seriously and leave no reservations for floppiness and clumsiness, learning how to analyze things including the topics you choose and how you put them across, can make a huge difference for your analytical skills.

6.Research Skills

You get inspired, you choose a topic [or the other way round] and you start writing right? Maybe. Depending on the type of blogger you want to be and your subject of focus, some topics would require that you do some level of researching of sorts. Although I, myself, does not do this all the time [of course depending on my topic at the time], doing a little bit of research on your topic or message helps you gain some perspective and saves you from engaging in repeatative work that has been done over and over again.


It was a delight putting this article together for you. I hope it helps, encourage and gives you that nudge you needed to start blogging. The Zan Avenue is not all about style and fashion but it is also about throwing in some educational bits here and there just to help you along on your journey as I, myself journey on.

If you liked this post and found it helpful, do not hesitate to leave your comments and views on the comments section. That’ll be awesome!

Until next, stay beautiful and encouraged.




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