For The Love Of Coats!


milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-53 WINTER

Winter has officially been declared here in our shores but I have to say that that’s just for formalities because really it hasn’t started being that much cold yet. Of course this may differ depending on which part of the country you’re located as some provinces have already set their temperatures on very low already.

Nonetheless, I thought I would perhaps shop around and see if I could find coats for this cold season to help inspire your winter wardrobe. I wanted to find coats with a little bit of twist seeing as that autumn feel hasn’t left altogether just yet and so it is still a bit not-so-cold on most days. So, this got me thinking of the best way to be able to balance out this kind of weather in terms of wearing a coat, keeping it simple and still looking stylish.


This is a time for coats that are more lighter and less heavy and this works well for me because personally, I do not like wearing heavy or too much [layering] on any day in any season. I know you are probably already imagining the trench coat but, there are other styles and easy materials which are available and easy to style as well. It doesn’t even have to be coats per say but it can also be a loose and light weight knitwear because the idea is to keep warm and still feel less dressed for this heat that is still lurking around.

From the Milan Fashion Week here are some styles that really caught my attention in street fashion.


milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-56 WINTER



Styling a coat outfit is of course not as rigid as some people think. Coats are generally serious clothing items but it is possible to achieve a great classy look thats not too serious as well. My advice is simple, wear whatever it is you want to and just hang your coat over your shoulders or simply go for the sleeveless trench. Sleeveless coats are also quit playful and add versatility to your look as they allow you to play around with different color tops or high top knits as you want.



milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-5-15 WINTER




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