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It is summer up in here! Our bikinis and crop tops are out and we are ready to show off and soak up all the sun has to offer and just…relax and enjoy all that we’ve had to work hard for all year long, celebrate our wins and be grateful for our losses for the growth and strength it has brought us.

Now, not everybody has a flat tummy and quiet frankly not everybody actually longs for it but, whether you love your BB (big belly) or not the fact remains, it can be very challenging to dress up and feel gorgeous and stylish when the first thing you see when look at yourself is the protruding belly. Ever heard of “For every problem there is a solution?”. Well, here’s my solution for you on dressing up and looking amazing and stylish with your BB.

All the items included here are body shape inclusive. Yey!

1. The shirt dress: Not only will it hide the belly so well but the soft loose fabric would feel amazing on your skin making you feel even more confident with yourself.

2. Pants: Fit and flare: High waisted pants are 100% recommended as they can either sit just above the belly or right on top of it which is over the navel, creating the much needed distraction from of the center. Detailed on the waist pants are great too.

3. A-line: Any clothing item cinched on the waist and flares or, fitted from the neck to shoulders and opens up from the breast area down.

4. Tops: Can you wear a crop top if you have the belly? Absolutely! Pair it with any high-waisted bottom that will sit on the navel or just above it. The gorgeous gorgeous big girls of the gram always rock their crop tops just like so. Go for it!

5. Color: Colors and details such as patterns, florals and geometrics have a way of redirecting focus to or away from certain areas when done thoughtfully. Colors can have the same effect as well. Wondering what colors work best? Neutral colors come highly recommended in hiding the big belly (BB) beautifully while making you look clean and fresh all day long.

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These are my big 5 tricks and hacks for dressing up your BB that I assure you will have you walking taller and more confidently this season totally unashamed of your BB!

I'd love to know what your trick are. Share them on the comments section, I love hearing from you.

Until next, stay & beautiful!!!


Images: Pinterest-IG-Pixels


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