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The weather is getting hot and sunny and we starting to ease up on the heavy wardrobe and shifting things around in our closets bringing out the lighter, cleaner and brighter color items. Our outfits are getting a bit relaxed and lighter and for me, this is the easiest time to showcase your flare for the streetstyle kind of items. From cool sneakers that you store out so well to you tees and golfers that you wear on layback Saturdays hangout with your fellas to watch a game over a few ice on the rocks or beers.

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Product Profile 

White Leather Boot All Star: Converse
Khakhi Chinos: Polo
Long Sleeve Stripe T-shirt: Nanibon
100% Wool Beanie: Strachan Mybough

Photographed by Edwin Mandzi
Modeled by TK m

All products sourced and available at Zack's International Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal. For any further information and purchases see contacts below.

E-mail: shoppologistsa@thezanavenue
Chat: +27 764106019

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