The Zan Avenue is looking for a guest blogger in any category of your choice related to fashion/style. Here’s what you need to do:


Tips and details to keep in mind

  1. Tie your article/post to current trends.
  2. Spot the most relevant and relatable trend/s to focus on.
  3. Keep it nice, simple and clean.

How to submit your post

E-mail your submission to:

Subject Line: Guest Blogger


Article/Post of not more than 300 words (NB: WORD FORMAT)

5 Pictures to accompany your post/article (NB: Do include sources where you retrieved your photos from). Photos used must correspond with the chosen topic.

Kindly note the following for your e-mail body

Your full name and surname

Social media handles

Link to your own blog, website or body of work

Title of article can be discussed.

Posts/Articles must be original and must have not been published 
anywhere else.You must be available to reply 
to comments once they have been approved to further engage on your post
with The Zan Avenue readers. You CAN submit on both topics and see which
one can make the cut!

For any enquiries you can also send a text to our business Whatsapp line on: 076 410 601 9

It will be great to receive your entries and review your submissions!



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