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February The Month Of Love: Here’s What I Love

Twitter Spaces is a platform which allows Twitter users to create rooms where like-minded audiences gather in discussion of a variety of topics introduced by the host of that room. Just last year December 2021 I, myself started hosting my own rooms or Spaces (to which no one attended on my first attempt 😉 ). It was on the first week of January 2022 that I decided to try again throwing spaghetti on the wall and this time it stuck.

What I love most about what Twitter has done with Spaces is how the platform allows creators the freedom to create rooms about anything you can think of and self-expression of your views, beliefs and personal opinions on anything under the sun or subjects that you feel strongly about (even for those who use it for racial and gender malice). It is a haven for social audio creators. Here’s the cherry on top, the fact that as a host you can bring in special guests and have a chat with them in your Room or Space full of their fans, followers and the people that they inspire with the kind of work that they do. From artists to entrepreneurs to designers (if you’re luck to lock them down and they accept your proposal to have you host them on your Space).

I jumped on this very opportunity myself on my Spaces which I host under the #TrendsAndHabits on my Twitter handle @ZeeKaMaduma when I decided to redirect my topics to a different course by bringing in guests from the creative industry that I myself am in.

The purpose is to pull in industry veterans, pioneers, professionals and peers from time to time and place them in the same room as up and coming creatives so that during our Q&A sessions and chats about their lives, work, experiences, failures and achievements in their journeys, the ones ‘coming up’ can learn and be inspired as they themselves build themselves and their own brands within the industry.

As a fashion business owner in the creative space, I recently had the privilege and honor to have a woman who has been in the wardrobe industry for over a decade dressing stars behind the scenes for some of the award winning South African television shows including Showmax. I had an exciting experience having Phindile KaZwane Mlambo as my special guest on my Space on Thursday 3rd February 2022.

She had a lot to share with us regarding the amount of work and dedication that goes into heading a television wardrobe team as a Wardrobe HOD for telenovelas as The Herd S2, The Republic S2 (Mzansi Magic), The Wife (Showmax) and The Estate (SABC3) and many others prior.

“Wardrobe is important. No actor will go on set without make-up and wardrobe.” She continued to share with us the importance of hard work in this industry and how that can help you get noticed. “When you work hard people will notice you” “We must not forget the people who believed in us”

Listen to the full conversation here:

(Note: Recording available for a period of 30 days as per Twitter terms)

I love hosting my Spaces on Twitter. Who knows where it might open doors to. A radio platform maybe? A girl can dream and practice right! I love that I still get to explore all these new things while growing my styling business. It is something close to my heart, my passion and purpose and on this February month of love that is the Love I celebrate!

I encourage you to share your story of what you love or discovered recently and started doing out love. Hit me up on the comments section and I will engage 🙂 


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