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Style is not something that is set aside for magazines and the upper echelon of society. It is for anybody who has decided to grab hold of their life, who they are and everything else that comes with it.

By David Tlale

Whether we like it or not other people’s perceptions of us based on first impressions and maybe second or third impressions, are of how we appear to them based on what we say and how we are dressed or how we look. It is not what we like but, it is what it is.

The influence that your style has on your career and personal life should be more than just worrying about being copied. It is about setting standard, setting yourself apart and expressing who you are. That can really get you ahead both in your personal life and career.

I have put together 5 ways to show you how can style influence your career and personal life hoping that should you consider these, you may be able to create for yourself a distinct sense of style that sets you apart and uniquely describe you in your life.

1. Connection

Whether you are at your workplace or out socializing, you want to make connections. This could be for professional reasons or personal reasons where you want to perhaps make new friends, meet new people or even potentially meet an interesting potential life partner.

People connect based on ‘likeness’. They connect with like-minded people and for what you would like to achieve in your life, you want to make sure that you connect with the right people. Those hangout in certain places and most definitely dress a certain way. So, what you want to do is meet your intentions and goals by matching them with how you appear or how you present yourself.

We also connect based on similarities and so matching who you are and your energy as person both in your professional and personal life with how you dress or look can bring you closer and attract to you the people, things and places that you intend to see yourself around.

2. Performance

I have come across a great deal of articles around fashion and its influence and impact it has in a person’s level of performance in any setting and, this stands true. Test this theory yourself by switching things up a bit tomorrow on your way to work by putting on something of a much elevated dress code and see and also feel how that translates into how you perform at work or in your surrounding. Observe the difference and come back and tell me all about it here! What we call power dressing does this very well.

Hint: Power dressing in this present day does not mean dull and boring office colors but also bold and well coordinated colors and textures. If you have watched international shows like Suits, The Fixer and Empire etc. you would have a bit of a clue.

3. Confidence

Standing out can do loads for you. Having a great and distinct sense of style influences your level of confidence. When you are confident, you instantly get noticed, seen and complemented. It gives you that “When she/he walks in the room” effect. It becomes hard for people who encounter you to forget you and that, is where the magic is!

Brad & Abiah (AFI)

Do not forget to invest in a good pair of shoes. A bad shoe will not do any good for your confidence if you are going to be tripping and falling because your shoe game is not on point.

Hint: Investing in a good pair of shoe does not mean expensive. Know where to shop and if not, call me!

4. Projection

No one wants to look like where they came from or their current situation (if it’s “bad”). Have the ability to project and see yourself bagging that promotion, socializing with the likes and getting into spaces and circles that you envision for yourself and start dressing that way. Remember it is good to take stock of where you are now but it is said that it is not about where you are now, it’s about where you’re going so, why not dress as how or what you envision for yourself.

Endemic Sportslux by David Tlale

5. Self expression/Personality

Style is more than just about the clothes you put on your back. It is about that and more. How one expresses themselves is not just about how they speak. It is the way you live, values, principles, what they like and don’t like, what and who they associate themselves with, how you express themselves in body language as well. So it’s when you take all these into consideration that you develop a sense of style uniquely you. These also inform our buying decisions when it comes to clothing and what suits us and our personality.

Feature Image: 10 Corso Coma(Milan)

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