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5 Key Points To Help You Personalize Your Style

” Trendy is the last stage before tacky” Karl Lagerfeld 

1. Not everything that is trending is for you.

Knowing this will help you prioritize and influence a good buying habit because now you aware of the fact that just because a certain trend is dominating on Instagram and all, does not mean you are to have it as well. This is about having a healthy sense who you are and how you plan your wardrobe to match your personality or character. When you have a healthy sense of self-acceptance, it is not difficult to let some of the trends pass you by without participating in them or having some sort of FOMO. Personal style is about looking like nobody else but you. Too much participation with trends tends to pull you into a group as opposed to make you stand out.

Advice: If you come across a trend you like, find a way of creatively making it your own rather.


2. Have a focal point

If everything you are wearing including make-up and accessories is going to be big, bold and out-there, chances are you would have lost a good opportunity to highlight each item’s individual beauty.  No matter how beautiful and unique each item is, it would be difficult to display that since you decided to wear it all at once.

Beautiful make-up that displays your artistic flair should never be worn with a big bold outfit, unless of course you are attending an event that is themed that way.

Pay attention to colors and patterns particularly colored patterns. This may sound like a lot of work especially for those who just want to get up and go and not have to worry about what goes with what but, it truly is that easy if you would prepare your outfits a day earlier or a few hours before you get ready. It would be worth it.

Advice: Choose 1 or at least 2 areas to focus on. For a bold make-up and hair, keep everything else at a minimum. For a bold outfit make sure you minimize on hair and keep your make-up natural. It is a give and take kind of thing.


3. Stay true to your body shape not so much your size

This may sound unpopular but nonetheless it is true. Not focusing on size but rather staying true to your body shape helps you to stay true to what flatters you. It is quiet common to come across a beautiful item that screams your name as you intend to pass through and when you find it in your size you think ‘hallelujah’ but when you try it on, it looks flabby, quickly take it off and put it back, do not even moan about it. 

Advice: Just because you fully accept your body form does not necessarily mean that you can dress it however. Develop an amazing sense of personal style that matches exactly that part of you that says I am unashamed of my body size and will dress it in a way that most flatters and compliments it.


4. Confidence is everything

Have you ever walked passed somebody who was not really dressed that well but who exuded so much genuine confidence of themselves that you thought was the best dressed you’ve seen! It happens. Some people’s philosophy of dressing/styling is that they choose what to wear based on how they feel and others base it on how they want to feel. I personally, am often of the latter. There are times where I wake up in the morning and be feeling at my low sometime for reasons I do not know. In this instance the quickest way I can change how I feel is to wear something that immediately transforms my step and change how I feel to ten levels up. So, an outfit can influence your confidence and your confidence influence your outfit likewise but nonetheless, do make confidence an essential part of your personal style and image.

Advice: It boosts the level and success of your interactions with self and others.


 5. Self-love and self-acceptance

When we have a healthy sense of self-love and acceptance of we are, it becomes easy to dress or style yourself. This may sound a bit deep, strange and uncommon but whether we are aware of this or not, it is a personal style truth. Personal styling is not always and about the clothes we put on. It is also about those things that add so much into how what we are wearing will look if we had it.

Ever seen somebody with a low self-esteem wearing a beautiful piece of clothing and second-guessing themselves, which makes you think ‘OMG if I could have that dress I could rock it’? Well, there it is, confidence, self-love and self-acceptance are those things that add to your personal style but are less spoken of in relation to personal style.

No.5 is advice itself.


What tips and tricks do you personally apply to your wardrobe that makes you uniquely YOU? Share your thoughts and you might just inspire someone else having a bit of struggle in this department!

Until next….stay beautiful and lovely!




2 thoughts on “5 Key Points To Help You Personalize Your Style

    1. Hey Siphokuhle! Thank you for being in touch. I’m happy you loved these tips and of course there’s magic in finding your own unique personal style. It sets you apart. :]


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