“There are those who will live the life, and there are those who will be there to write about them” 


There are different ways in which bloggers deal with what we call “bloggers block”, “writers block”, “creative block” etc. This is when as a blogger you run out of content or ideas and hit what is referred to as the creative block. So, when this happens, we go to those places and avenues that are bound to inspire some sort of creative spark and help us get on the road again (Funny how as I’m writing these exact words there’s Boys II Men ‘On the road again’ playing in the background), talk about inspiration right there.

To cut the long story short, I was precisely going through this creative block that I thought it might be a good idea for me to go there by the gram and just browse through to see what others are up to in their fabulous lives that some of us can only dream of. I then thought oh well…perhaps I could put together a nice and not-so-serious post of some of the content that got me on a Like frenzy.

Some of the 13 photos I liked and thought I could share with you!








Click your like for this vintage-ish ribbed-crop top that I also like so much…



Well, these are the 13 photos that popped up on my instagram feed this weekend and got me on a Like frenzy. If you recognize one or two that you also came across on your feed, give me a shutout and I’ll be happy to know we got some things in common!

Love letter

I love your every click, your every read, your every follow and all your 
comments and views are always encouraged and appreciated. 

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