Styling Habits



“It is most definitely not just about having the ability to pull out the best piece of clothing and thinking that’s it”. 

The fashion styling discipline is a human connection business from an emotional level.  Fashion styling is a lot more than just going through a rack full of clothes carefully selecting the ones that you think a client would most probably like.

This means that as a stylist, my success is also dependent on how empathetic I am with regards to the client’s sensitivities. This is something I learned on my first encounter with my very first client in 2016. This is not just a practical job but it is one that also requires some emotional involvement as well from a professional and empathetic  point of view purely because, when a client is sensitive about how they look, it becomes the stylist’s job to find a suitable alternatives without judgment.

Empathy in fashion styling involves: 

Effective communication with the many different types of personalities that I get to meet and being able to counsel others through their insecurities [through suggestions on what to wear and how to cover up those areas they do not want to flaunt].

Someone said about empathy in fashion styling “You don’t just see people changing or trying on clothes, you see their scars, emotional and sometimes physical and so it requires empathy to understand what they are dealing with.”

I like to listen to what people don’t want to do and hear what their fears are. Elizabeth Saltzman [Celebrity stylist]

The ability to be empathetic in styling allows you to connect with your clients. That connection goes a long way as it makes people comfortable working with you because they feel that they are not judged.

Empathy is a powerful source of human. It allows you to feel how another person is feeling and also gives you the ability to experience another person’s perspective of the world. Dr. Perry [Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology]

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