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Look 2

The Brentwood look

The amabhinca look made popular in KZN specifically entailed Brentwood pants (in variety of colors depending on the person’s individual choice), checkered shirt, colored striped t-shirt or poloneck (as we have styled the look in these photos), Omega men’s sandals if not izimbadada (traditional Zulu made sandals) if not paired with a pair of Carvella shoes (a favorite among the younger ones) and of course topping off the look with either the fedora hat, flat cap/barrette or with the option of a beanie. Not forgetting the walking stick or face towel for accessories.

Whether you are a fan of hip hop artist Big Zulu or not, if you know him you definitely have seen the look described here. Being one of popular South African hip hop artists and brand ambassador for Brentwood, others quickly picked up the trend and of course for some, adding their own little tricks and twists to the look for a little bit of individualization and style personalization. If you check out an account by user Bafana Mthembu on twitter @eezynkabi you will see this.

For our latest styling work we created our own interpretation of the trend incorporating a men’s black poloneck from Pringle (an undefeated season’s stable) to add a little update to the look.

Clothing and accessories sourced from Zack’s International a gentlemen’s clothing store based in KZN, Newcastle.

The Poloneck


Others like fellow hip hop artists Kwesta and the likes of Amapiano king Kabza Da Small have also been spotted rocking the brentwood ‘mabhinca looks’. With style evolving over the years and fashion changes and trends comings and goings, there was a time that the brentwood trend was considered no longer relevant and outdated, well of course until the Brentwood house rebranded and teamed up with new age artists as in the case of Big Zulu the latest ambassador for the brand.

Brentwood is a long standing 100% premium menswear brand popularly known for its 100% venetian wool made pants a favorite among men of gentlemen status and elegance. Originally associated with middle aged+ men with a distinct style taste, it has been quiet interesting times to see its style make a comeback among young people wanting to revive a time once defined by omalume, Zulu men taxi drivers, Maskandi and Scathamiya music groups and artists etc.


Product Profile

Walking stick

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