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Did you know: Big brands/Fashion companies are now buying back their pre-owned products with the intention of refurbishing them to put them back on the shelves. [source: TheFashionLaw]

While browsing around on Twitter just recently I came across an interesting recent article, on ‘refurbishing’ of fashion items by certain companies/brands with the sole intention of reselling these products by buying them back from customers.

Now, besides just ordinary or small time entrepreneurs collecting and taking in old or outdated items to a trusted tailor to have them polished and or stitched here and there to sell them, big fashion brands particularly high-end luxury brands, now as resellers as well, buy back their products from their customers to refurbish them in the form of bags, shoes, belts etc, with the intention of giving them life again and put them on the shelves at a much better and fresher condition.

You might be thinking, what’s new about this? Well, nothing new maybe, but as per usual and interestingly, once something gets picked up by big brands it usually becomes more like a new thing although may not necessarily be. Also,  this is something that’s becoming the new kid on block specially for up and coming fashion entrepreneurs in all their different facets and stages as this offers for some, a beginning or starting point in building a business on pre-loved items sold in a more revamped or polished state. We’ve seen this with vintage stores but it’s definitely becoming more popular elsewhere.

Also what we have been seeing or are at least familiar with with regards to this refurbishing of products scenarios has been the usual taking-in of leather items to be cleaned at a nearest or trusted leather/shoe clinic (shoe clinics are starting to pop up quiet a bit here in SA), repairing a shoe sole, re-stitching a hole, repairing a damaged accessory or changing an old zipper on a bag.

If you are one of those fashion entrepreneurs or even a fashion runner let alone a fashion enthusiast, well here are the terms you are likely to see or use to describe a condition of an item at its current state:

1.Like-new: Meaning worn for a day or two before being returned.

2. Gentle worn: Meaning worn a little longer – month or two (sparingly of course).

3. Cosmetically flawed: Meaning with a small hitch that perhaps happened in manufacturing.

4. Buy- back-and-resell: Meaning companies or brands now buying their sold products back from their costomers with the efforts of refurbishing, fixing or revamping the product and put it back on the shelve to resell.

I’m wondering though, if you have ever heard or seen something of this nature by SA fashion brands. At least, have you ever imagined taking back that Maxhosa jersey, t-shirt or dress you bought about 3 to 4 years ago, to let them buy it back for a revamp and resell? I think this would be an awesome and exciting service to be offered by SA’s big fashion brands as well.

I think it would open up the market as well where current and potential buyers would be motivated to purchase more from these brands knowing it is an investment as they would later resell the item back to the brand to have it resold by the brand at a much more updated nature. Under strict guidelines and terms and conditions of course as generating revenue is always the bottom line for any establishment 😉.

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With love ❤️

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