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I found inspiration for this post from a manga artist’s work. I had been browsing about Twitter when I stumbled across a particular cartoon illustration post on my TL (I may not remember at this point of the handle it was posted by).

What triggered me about this particular picture at first was most definitely the ‘badass’ attitude that exuded in the faces of the characters on the picture. I clicked on the picture isolating it from the post to have a good look at it, only to find that this ‘badass-y’ attitude these characters portrayed was accompanied by a great sense of fashion and style, very well costumed. I’ve seen a few cartoon illustrations before (especially those targeting both the young and old) a few times but non of them have ever been so fashion forward as well. Modern fashion at that.

This definitely got my attention and prompted me to go online and do a bit more research on this work.

What I found, I thought I’d share with you and we play a little game of our own. See the pictures below and feel free to give one your own description or caption based on what they remind you of or a certain time period in the fashion scene.

Cartoon Evolution

From shoes, flats, high-waist-ed pants, cinched waists, robes, jump suites to swag Ts, over-sized shirts, loafers and kick ass hairstyles, pocket details on the pants (to which they make sure they put their hands on them in their poses), loosely rolled-up sleeves, these cartoon illustrations from Ghost Fighter the YU YU HAKUSHO MANGA JAPANESE MANGA SERIES written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi really had my attention.


Love letter

Whether it is inspiration you are looking for or that nudge that would lead you to an idea or thought that might lead to something else creatively or otherwise, adopt the habit of being able to remain open-minded and look just about anywhere. 

Until next,,,,stay beautiful and keep in touch always!

It is always a heartwarming experience to hear your thoughts, comments or views so do not hesitate to keep in touch on the comments section or simply like or follow wherever you wish to on socials.


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