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Layering for that extra warmth, I personal have not tried this kind of styling with the sweater/jersey underneath the coat. I do though, layer a coat over a tight fitting blazer. It works well and looks amazing for work-wear.


*Color co-ordination is what this season is about [so Iv’e heard]. So, if you are into trends or just simply love color, this is your season to color you way to warmth.


*Heavily layered, for those super cold days definitely YES!

STYLING ADVICE:  Beware not to over-layer especially with oversize items to avoid being overwhelmed and looking frumpy.

Color Splash

*A slash and clash of color. Paying attention to the detailing is key in making sure you that the colors do not swallow you and that still get to stand out while looking colorful.


*Color pallets. Can’t help but be reminded of ice cream colors here. A topic for another season there though.

milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-26 WINTER

*Length is everything. When done right, it can flatter your height and stature as well so, choosing wisely is key.

milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-47 WINTER

*Size matter. Not everyone can get away with over sized coats. To achieve this look, lookout for cut and detailing in terms of buttoning, pocket size & positioning etc.

milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-53 WINTER

*It is possible to achieve a nice and laid back look even in this cold season. Take a hint here.

milan-fashion-week-street-style-fall-2018-day-2-58 WINTER

*Pairing light and heavy materials is useful in avoiding being dragged down by the weight of your outfit.


*Checkered. Own a pair of knee-high or thigh-high boots to best accommodate over the knee coats. Its classy and chic.

Work swearter wear

*Just because it is cold and shivering outside doesn’t mean work comes to a stand still. Why not try this look for the office or business meeting. Of course, do throw in a colorful handbag of your like.

Long Cardigan

*If you are still skeptical with coats as some might be, opt for an elongated jersey that still has that coat effect.

Soft Pink

*Going for sweet colors would make you feel even warmer.

Cape paired with a long sleeve body hugging dress

*Whether you intentionally intend to be noticed or not, go big or go home.


*Simple doll-dress cut. Yours and mine may not be BURBERRY but, you get what I mean here. Advisably, pair such a coat with high heels or thigh-high boots for the illusion of height. Gorgeous I love this coat!

Ankara Fashion
African Print Fashion

*The versatility of it all…

Love letter

Okey, it is! I hope you loved and enjoyed this little put together as much I did. So, I encourage you let me what your thoughts are or simply share your winter favorites with me.

It is always a pleasure to hear from you guys, on and off line!

I love and appreciate you.

Until next...

Stay beautiful always!

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